Monday, June 13, 2011

Intern Intros - Meet Gina!

Throughout the summer, we will be introducing you to our fabulous interns. Enjoy the first in this series of posts.

I’m Gina, the first marketing intern for the Auditorium Theatre. I have just completed my first week and I must say it is a great experience. Many times when you think “intern” you think of what they show in the movies, someone they make run all over the place doing pointless things, like coffee runs for the staff. I am happy and thankful to say that I do not even know who drinks coffee here, so needless to say I am not doing any coffee runs.
I am currently a graduate student at Purdue Calumet studying Communication. I studied Communication and Advertising in my undergraduate at Eastern Illinois University. I am very happy to be working in the city of Chicago because my hope is to move here sometime in 2012. I absolutely love the city and all it has to offer and I am happy to say that this internship is helping me enjoy the city even more, especially when I was able to see The Beach Boys concert with John Stamos! It was great to see “Uncle Jessie,” and my sister and I had a great time.
For some time now I have wanted to explore every aspect of the communication field; when I received the email that I was accepted as an intern here I was ecstatic. I have always loved going to see performances and I know this is a great fit for me. I am hoping to learn as much as possible. So far I can say that the people are great and make me laugh on a daily basis! I am very excited to share my experience when I write my second blog near the end of the internship.

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