Monday, June 20, 2011

Intern Intros - Meet Gary!

Hi! I’m Gary. I am currently the Operations Intern at the Auditorium Theatre for the summer. I have only been in Chicago for two weeks, and I love all the experiences I have had so far! I am a junior Sociology/Anthropology major at Denison University, located in Granville, OH. So you may ask: “What brings a Sociology/Anthropology major to Chicago for an internship at a theatre?”

There are a few reasons…

First, I love theatre. I enjoy watching people use their talents to entertain patrons for a few hours. When I see a show, I am transported to an artistic, imaginative, and creative world. I forget about all my worries and assignments that I have to complete and am immersed in what is happening on stage.

Second, I love the people who work here. Everyone is a little bit crazy, which makes everyday exciting and new. We joke around a lot and have fun while we work. I enjoy how my supervisor, the patron services coordinator, and I bicker about little things and tease each other. It makes the day go by much faster if you can laugh while you are working!

Third, I love pretty and shiny things. Who would want to work in a drafty, grey, and boring cubicle in an office building? I get to come to work every day and marvel at the beautiful golden arches as I enter the theatre. The theatre glistens and sparkles, welcoming me as I enter. A National Historic Landmark, the Auditorium Theatre is known internationally for its perfect acoustics, innovative architecture and stunning design. I am consistently amazed by its exquisiteness, and I always find another intricate detail I didn’t notice the day before.

Last and certainly most important, I love myself! I want to be considered significant and make an impact where I work. I did not want to be an intern who pushes paper, fetches coffee, and runs errands for their supervisors. As an intern at the Auditorium Theatre, I don’t have to do any of that. They took the time to understand my wants and desires. They wanted to know what I want to learn about and are designing my internship to fit my needs, not theirs.

I love the city of Chicago and my internship at the Auditorium Theatre. I hope everyone can eventually work in a place as beautiful and exciting as I am right now!

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