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Introducing the Bourne' Family - Elizabeth

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By: Elizabeth D. Bourné

Bringing the joy of music, love, and whimsy, the Bourné Family joins the Auditorium for the second performance in our Katten/Landau Studio Series. The Bourné Family, composed of 8 children and their mother, is a talented tour de force, combining unique vocal harmonies that are often referred to by their fans as “the voices of angels.”

There is one thing I LOVE & HATE about being the eldest of the 8 Bourné Children… Always being first! For instance, I LOVED being the first to be left in charge; to have a birthday party with guests besides family; to take an overnight trip; wear make-up; drive a car; go to college; turn 21 and so on. However, I HATED being the first to lose a tooth; give up a toy when someone younger wanted to play; do "big girl" chores; get a shot when we went for our check-ups; be punished even when we were all in trouble; grow up and get a gray hair, etc. As I type this blog, I am trying to decide if being the first of the Bourné Family to post a message to you, in anticipation of our upcoming concert, is a first LOVE or first HATE. sometimes going first is fun and adventurous, but other times it is nerve-wrecking. I guess I am both excited and nervous. Of course it shouldn't be any different than making a new acquaintance. thus, without further ado… HELLO!!!!

My name is Elizabeth Bourné. I bring you greetings and warm felicitations, from my lovely mother, Lisa and seven younger siblings, Christina, Katherine, Paul, Timothy, Rebekah, Ehron, & John! We are thrilled to be one of the three acts with the privilege of inaugurating the Auditorium Theatre's new Katten/Landau studio series this summer and doubly pleased to soon meet you face-to-face at our show on July 21st. As our concert date quickly approaches, we are feeling a little nervous, excited, cool, shocked, serious, calm, more focused, zealous, and surprisingly, at peace (I think I covered the sentiments of all nine of us). More than anything we are simply looking forward to seeing you all and sharing a bit of ourselves (love, friendship, talent) with you. We wish we could have you all over for dinner, but there is time enough for that…

We are noticing the funniest thing as the "BIG DAY" draws near. People have been asking us two questions, "Have you started practicing yet?" and (BTW, not sure what I expected folks to say when they found out that the BOURNÉs ARE GOING TO BE PERFORMING FOR THE OLDEsT, sTANDING THEATRE IN CHICAGO!!!!!), "What kind of music do you all sing?" Hmm…the answers are…no and almost everything. For one, it seems we have been so busy preparing for other engagements that we haven't had the time, but that, we are learning, in itself is practice. For two, we sing everything from Kyries to Korean Pop Music and we write everything in between. The selections we choose for each performance are based on the agenda of the event, which makes it a lot more fun! Picking the songs for our summer show has been interesting and tedious because our repertoire is vast and we want to tailor a program that will be most appealing to you! As we narrow it down, looks like you're in for a treat and hopefully a very pleasant surprise.

Just one more month and we will all be enjoying a wonderfully entertaining summer evening together! Our best regards to you until we share your company on that most auspicious date.


The Bourné Family: Welcome to Our Home

Venue: Auditorium Theatre Katten/Landau Studio, 425 S. Wabash
Dates: Saturday, July 21, 2012
Times: 8:00 pm
Price: $35-$25

Buy tickets HERE!

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