Monday, June 27, 2011

Intern Intros - Meet Nick!

Hello there, my name is Nicolaus Weyrauch and two weeks ago I started as the Production Intern at the Auditorium Theatre. I have been living in Chicago for over a year now and love the city! I also go to college in the city too, at Columbia College Chicago. Having grown-up outside the Chicagoland area, moving to the city was a big change for me; Rockford, IL was my hometown growing up.

So, what brings me to the Auditorium Theatre for a summer internship? Well, currently at school I am studying Theatre Design with a concentration in Lighting Design. Next summer (May 2012) I will graduate college with my Bachelors of Arts in Theatre Design, and I’m anxious to get out into the professional world.

But, my internship this summer has little to do with hands on design for shows. What I’m doing instead is working to help Steve (Director of Production) prepare the theatre for when shows come into the space. He and I work to make sure that a show has all that they need when they arrive for a load in through the run(s) and load out.

So why intern in an area that my degree does not specifically cater to? Ever since I was little, I loved being involved with live performance, whether it was running a light board, designing a set piece, or making things run smoothly. I’m no actor; so, I had to try something that I was more comfortable with and that’s why I turned to lighting (they get all the cool toys). But now, I realize that it would help to have a well-rounded background in the live performance industry. This is why I am here at the Auditorium Theatre, to test the waters and develop a good sense of how a theatre functions outside of the night of a show, and I’m excited to learn!

Now that I have been here two weeks, I’m starting to see what goes on here, but I can tell that Steve has only scratched the surface. I can’t wait to learn in a setting that I love and be with awesome people.

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