Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stories to Grow From

The second session of HTHTA began on July 28, with campers ages 7-10. Stay tuned to discover different camp activities during Session 2.

Campers were almost finished with their first day of camp, and there couldn’t have been a more perfect way to tame their raging excitement than to listen to stories from professional story teller Susan O’Halleron. Susan has appeared on T.V. and radio shows and has been published several times. Susan shared many stories with the campers, each one with an enlightening message to help campers deal with loss.

The first story she told was about a butterfly that was removed from his cocoon too soon. The moral of the story was that when we lose someone, we curl up into our own cocoon of grief to deal with the loss. It is important that we do not take someone out of their cocoon too early. Each person has to grieve for as long as it takes until he or she feels ready to come out.

Susan’s next story was about a puzzle. A puzzle contains some ugly and dull pieces, but there are also beautiful ones. A puzzle cannot be completed unless all the pieces come together to make a whole picture. The puzzle is a metaphor for life. In life there are many ugly and dull moments, but the inclusion of those difficult times combines with the wonderful times, making us who we are today.

It is often incredibly difficult to deal with loss. Learning to cope is important to moving on with life. Susan relayed important messages by using stories with fun and relatable characters. Susan used her stories as a tool to help our campers through their own difficult times.

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