Friday, July 18, 2008

Final Performance a success!

Providing the kind of material that allows campers to realize their theatrical potential while expressing their personal feelings is a special challenge. Camp Director Nicole Losurdo and Theatre Area Head Anne McNamee have combined to meet that challenge.

Through Anne’s research, she discovered a Russian folk tale that tells the story of an old peasant tailor. The tailor remembers his life as it relates to a piece of cloth, which he uses in various forms throughout his life. Based on this folk tale, Nicole rewrote the story and titled it “Just Enough.” She set the story in Bolivia, an atmosphere which plays well with Latin-influenced music and dance. Thus the protagonist became “Adolfo.” The story is poignant since the cloth allows Adolfo to express the memories he has of life and how they affected him—just as campers have memories that affect their lives.

Of course, the real stars were the campers, as they only had two weeks to learn and perform a full production! Campers worked extremely hard to read the script, work on the roles, music, and the dance numbers.

(Top photo: Campers work on a dance routine during the dress rehearsal. Bottom photo: Campers take their final bow after their Final Performance)

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