Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Campers Send Messages of Love

We don’t always get to say “goodbye.” We don't always have a chance to express important thoughts, never realizing how the window can slam shut without a moment to consider. When that happens, the opportunity is seldom offered to show those thoughts.

HTHTA campers did get a special opportunity to communicate messages of love, memories or maybe even updates on the camper's lives to their lost parents, which most of them were never allowed to say.

On Wednesday afternoon, campers solemnly wrote their thoughts and feelings they wished to tell their parents on a note card and tied it to a helium balloon. Teary eyed HTHTA campers and staff took a walk to Buckingham Fountain where their messages were launched into the bright blue sky and on to their parents.

While the launch is symbolic, campers feel strongly about those unspoken words reaching their loved ones. The Balloon Launch is often the emotional pinnacle of camp, offering closure to campers and staff, alike.

(Top photo: Messages of love are launched into the sky to lost parents. Middle photo: One camper writes her message Bottom photo: HTHTA campers and staff take a group photo after the Balloon Launch)

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