Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Music and Theatre and Dance — Oh My!

Between the morning warm-up, lunch, and the afternoon snack, campers are busily preparing for the talent show this Friday, and the final performance next Friday. How do we prepare? In Music, Theatre and Dance class, of course!

In Music class, students not only learn songs, but create the words and rhythms for new musical compositions.

In Theatre, campers work on stories, skits, and staged adaptations of Tennessee Williams,’ “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Only kidding! Our theatre is just as good, but much more fun!

Dance class sees campers jumping, sliding, pivoting, and prancing. Some of our Dance Teachers are even from the prestigious Joffrey Ballet, here in Chicago.

Interesting to note, the Joffrey Ballet just opened a brand new building at the corner of Randolph and State Street. — you can see it yourself and check out their fantastic sign!

Each of these arts is explored, mined, and used for campers' benefit.

(Top photo: The HTHTA music staff helps a camper prepare a solo. Bottom photo: Campers learn a dance routine with The Joffrey Ballet.)

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