Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meet Bourné Sibling #3: Katherine Lee

By Katherine Lee Bourné

Hi all! It’s me, Katherine Lee, checking in with the next blog post for our Bourné Family: Welcome to Our Home Katten/Landau Studio Series concert! We are totally excited to be performing in the Auditorium Theatre’s new concert venue THIS SATURDAY! Without further ado, here’s a bit about my family, myself, our music, and the show!

I will begin by giving you a run-down of what everyone does. In addition to singing: Mom plays with her harp and tambourine; Liz tinkers on the piano; Chris looks at her acoustic guitar; I arrange our music, struggle with my acoustic guitar and the piano, and recently had the audacity to put my mouth to a saxophone; Paul plays piano; Tim plays electric and acoustic guitar; Bek plays acoustic guitar, piano, violin, a spot of drums, and is embarking on the bass guitar; Ehron plays the flute and a touch of piano; and John plays drums, piano, a bitty bit of acoustic guitar, and just took up harmonica two weeks ago.

I consider myself the middle child of the Bourné family even though there is an even number of siblings. However, I have justification for feeling that way because there are five years between Christina (Bourné #2) and me and then another 5 years between Paul (Bourné #4) and me, whereas the rest of us are a stair-step or two apart, so, that's my validation for middle-child syndrome.  Also, in our house, there are two groups: those born before '85, thereby christened the first set, AKA, the old folks/fogies, olders, or the big people; and those born after '90 referred to as the second set, AKA, the children, youngers, or the little people. Since I belong to neither group, I am kind of like the bridge between the two and everyone's go-to-girl. I do hair, pick outfits, shop, help with work and school projects; you name it, for everyone. I'm like the family consultant. For some reason my judgment is really respected in our house and my help and opinion are always called upon. The solution to every query or unfulfilled desire is, "Ask/Tell Katie." Being in between the age groups, I didn't really have a sibling playmate so Mom was my best friend and still is. I think that's an added plus. My position in the family fits my personality perfectly. I was born for this!

A little something about me: 

Q: Are any of you married?
A: No. But, thanks everyone who thinks we would make perfect spouses.
Q: Does everyone live in the same house?
A: Yes. There's actually an ideology behind why, but that would take too long to explain.
Q: What’s up with all the big hair?
A: Letting everyone’s hair grow out began as a funny experiment in trying to look like cartoon characters and turned into a Bourné trademark. I’ve heard people recall us as…"That big family with all the hair.”
Q: When did you all start singing?
A: As children around the house. Our parents started out the same way and were in band and choir in school growing up and tried their hand at songwriting together.  There was/is always music playing in the house. I remember sitting around the stereo with everyone having snacks after Liz and Chris would get home from school and singing along to old records as a toddler. The first time we sang as a family was at a candlelight Christmas Eve service at our church. That was before some of us were even born. We started travelling and singing about three years ago. We never planned on being a singing family troupe but I think that’s been the plan all along all the same.
Q: What’s it like being in such a big family?
A: I don’t know about being in anyone else’s big family, but I love being a part of mine. I mean seriously, whom would we trade out for whom else or whom would we send…back? Right, so… It’s pretty cool. I always have at least one someone to talk to and if I don’t feel like talking to anyone, we know each other so well I don’t have to say it. Also, for us, it doesn’t seem like we are that many people anyway. By the time we’re all in a room, we stop and count to make sure it’s really all nine of us there, we seem so few sometimes. Of course it’s hilarious when we all go to a store or restaurant together and have to explain that yes we all are indeed together and that no we are not a group of sisters and their children: we are eight children and one mama!
Q: Who organizes the music?
A: That would be yours truly…me!

For our show this Saturday, we are doing a capella/acoustic compilation. We were going to pull out all the drums and what have you, but thought about it and realized that's not how it would be if you were visiting us at home. By opening up our hearts to you in song, we welcome you into our home! The first set will be a tribute to famous families of song, and the second set will be a showcase of our original music. I had the hardest time narrowing down the selections for the performance, but I think you will enjoy everything! Everyone is excited and a bit nervous, but really looking forward to the evening with all of you. Thanks for planning to attend! So, until Saturday…I remain respectfully yours.



Venue: Auditorium Theatre Katten/Landau Studio, 425 S. Wabash
Dates: Saturday, July 21, 2012
Times: 8:00 pm
Price: $35-$25

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