Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Intern Outros - The Summer in an Intern Nutshell

Summer '11 Interns

As our internship comes to a close we thought it would be a great idea to write a group blog! On our first day when we met we instantly knew that we would all be a great fit to the Auditorium and with each other. As we anxiously waited to start our first day we were standing in the lobby together just chatting about who we were and where we were from. Gina and Kay bonded about how they wanted to get some sun this summer (which they definitely did!) and Gary and Nick bonded about where things are in the city since Gary had just moved to Chicago.

There were many wonderful experiences that we were able to experience. First, we were lucky enough to be here during the summer which is when our camp Hands Together, Heart to Art is going on. We were able to go to the camp a few times to see their talent show and final performance, but what stood out to all of us was the balloon launch. We saw it as a very inspirational and emotional moment. Then when our silliness kicked in we wondered how many balloons would it take to lift an intern? We never quite figured that out; so, if you know please inform us!

Second, on our list of fantastic experiences was our very extensive tour of the theatre. We were able to see everything from the dressing rooms to inside those beautiful arches. It was amazing to be able to look down on the theatre from 8 (more or less) stories high! Being on stage was always an amazing experience just to see what it was like to be able to look out at all the seats and think of all the great performers that have stood there before us.

Earlier we mentioned how Gina and Kay wanted to get some sun this summer. The perfect opportunity arose when we had our intern picnic. It was a beautiful day, and we were watching the Broadway Rocks rehearsal in Millennium Park. Gina and Kay ended up with sunburn, which they are still recovering from today. So future interns, as much as you want to tan bring some sunscreen!

Third, as interns we enjoyed free stuff! Who doesn’t? We were able to go West Side Story and see a classic unfold on the stage, and we also had a free dinner that night!

Lastly, intern picture day was a great day! Gary actually sent CJ home to change because he was not dressed in proper attire for picture day! (When do you ever hear of an intern sending home their supervisor?!) However, CJ was a great sport about it and came back looking very sharp! We took many nice pictures as well as some crazy ones. Gina taught the interns about planking and owling, and we decided to try it out! In one picture you can actually see Gina’s phone lit up while she searched for pictures to give a visual example of owling. Here is a picture of owling! Maybe to come later is a planking picture!

Summer '11 Interns

Overall, we all enjoyed our internships and feel that we learned more than we can ever express in words (except for those great resume points we discussed)! We were able to experience our shows such as The Beach Boys where Nick actually got to meet John Stamos, My Morning Jacket and The All New Original Tribute to the Blues Brothers! We would like to thank everyone at the Auditorium Theatre for welcoming us and teaching us everything possible within our 8 weeks here. We are sad to see Gary and Kay go back to school, but excited to say that Gina and Nick are staying on to help out as volunteers!

Summer '11 Interns

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