Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Music for Miles and Miles

The city is alive with the sound of music! If you work downtown, you’ll get a special serenade this morning. From 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., trumpeters will be on several street corners playing Miles Davis tunes. Why, you might ask? To celebrate the announcement of the Auditorium Theatre’s Miles Davis Festival, of course. Take a picture of one of the trumpeters and post it to our Facebook page or tweet it to us @AuditoriumChgo and you’ll get a special discount off Festival programming.

Want to know where to find them? (You didn't think we'd make you go on a scavenger hunt in this weather, did you?!)

Courtesy of Frances Carnauba

-190 N. State Street
-435 N. Michigan Avenue
-600 N. Michigan Avenue
-Chicago Red Line CTA Station (800 N. State)
-Chicago Cultural Center, north entrance (78 E. Washington)
-Chicago Cultural Center, south entrance (78 E. Washington)
-DePaul Center Plaza (1 E. Jackson)
-Jackson Red Line CTA Stop (350 S. State)
-Jackson Blue Line CTA Stop (230 S. Dearborn)
-Ogilvie Transportation Center (504 W. Madison)

    For more information about the Festival, read Brett’s blog post or visit And don’t forget, send us those pictures for your discount offer!

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