Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cedar Lake Program Notes

If you want to know more about the pieces Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet will be performing here next month, here are the choreographers' notes.

Sunday, Again is first of all a piece that tries to reflect the diversity in Johann Sebastian Bach’s music. Abstract movement patterns are woven together in fugal ways, not unlike the baroque way of assembling melodic phrases and ornamentations. Secondly, and on an associative level, it thematically treats the domestic jungle of luxury problems and gender frictions. As the title suggests - there is always the irritating and inevitable Sunday which forces couples to test their coexistence abilities. Leisure time is not good for certain types of relationships.
-Jo Strømgren

Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue: I love the word “rescue.” It captures a whole story in a single word. Similarly, the body can convey narrative through the simplest of actions. For me, this work for Cedar Lake was an act of excavation. After creating the choreography, I searched within it for images that specifically evoked rescue. There are many of them. They exist inside the dancing like fragments of an untold narrative. I suppose the presence of rescue in this work is twofold, as I tried to liberate and expose these images for brief contemplation before releasing them back into the dance: saving and holding one picture of rescue in each of the ten duets.
-Crystal Pite

frame of view: I am investigating the physical movement a particular emotion may take, how it manifests itself in our body, how long that physicality may last, and the energy that it creates. By creating different interior and exterior scenes, and utilizing a varied musical landscape, I hope to create an accessible work with a touch of irony and humor.
– Didy Veldman

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