Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Friday Afternoon Wiffle Ball

In January, 1891, the Newsboys and Bootblacks Association played the first indoor softball game in Louis Sullivan and Adler Dankmark's greatest achievement, the Auditorium Theatre. The stage was extended through platforming out over the orchestra seats (the same configuration was also used for charity balls) and spectators sat in the boxes and balcony.

This past Friday, there was no stage extention, there were no spectators - but there was wiffle ball! Dankmark's Dudes defeated Louis's Lushes 11-8.

These pics were taken with a cell phone, so the quality isn't the best, but enjoy!

Work study student Susan Urasky is up at bat, while Operations Manager Steve Sell plays catcher.

A view of the "infield"

Executive Assistant Kathy Bliss takes off running after a hit.

Margaret Garner project manager Gail Kalver cheers on the players.

Marketing Manager Megan Flanagan proudly cheers on the team (quote from C.J. Dillon, House Manager: "A knocked-up cheerleader? This is just like high school!), while Patron Services Coordinator Annie Slaughter hides behind her pompoms.

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