Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Musical Journey - Trina Hamlin

By Trina Hamlin


     That is what has propelled me through life, and more importantly, this musical journey I've been on since I was a kid.  My musical journey has taken me from Golden Valley, Minnesota all the way to the High Himalayas and beyond.

      I like the adventure of music, following the road it leads me down. The rhythm of it has found me partners in crime, friends for life and given me stories to tell.  I've been fortunate enough to play with Susan Werner over the past 5 years, share stages with Charlie Musselwhite, Taj Mahal, John Gorka, Natalia Zukerman and more.  I love what I do....not sure how to explain it though.  It is a true mix of the blues feeling interwoven with a songwriter’s melody and a deep groove. When you write music, it is sometimes hard to put it in a box (unless that was your intent).  I've written what I feel and hear.....I play what I feel and hear.  I re-interpret other people’s music from time to time...love doing that!

      I grew up singing and playing piano, went on to study music in Boston at Berklee College of Music, and shortly after, a harmonica drifted into my sights. I can’t explain why, but I pushed it aside for a bit and then it hit me, full force.  Once I figured out how to bend the notes, the harmonica opened up a whole new expressive voice to play with….melody, rhythm…it has it all.  I’m thankful I didn’t push it away too far because it has opened up my music in a way I might not have found otherwise.

     All this being said; join me as I put some new and old music into the brand new creative space, the Katten/Landau Studio, that The Auditorium Theater has created.  I can promise you I will take you on a musical journey that will leave you feeling better than when you arrived.

Minnesotan Blues? An Evening with Trina Hamlin
Venue: Auditorium Theatre Katten/Landau Studio, 425 S. Wabash
Dates: Saturday, June 9, 2012
Times: 8:00 pm
Price: $35-$25

Click HERE for tickets and information.

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