Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Note from Rasta Thomas and BAD BOYS of DANCE

By Rasta Thomas

CHICAGO... we're coming for you!

This is Rasta Thomas' BAD BOYS of DANCE and we are so pumped to perform in your awesome city. Us being there is very special because Chicago is such an important dance town in the United States. It's home to so much incredible dance and we are HONORED to be welcomed.

The roots of "Chicago dance" are deep and we couldn't be more excited to experience your magical city. We believe our program offers something different from the average dance show but it also utilizes a solid background of the classical and contemporary styles that dance fans expect and adore. We are in a constant pursuit to not only excite our audiences but to make them life long fans! Hopefully our energy and pure love for dance, music and theater will be contagious and be felt by everyone in the crowd.

Thank you Chicago, for inviting us to perform for you... we're making you a BAD BOY promise that we'll give you a night to remember!

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Rasta Thomas Rasta Thomas is an international dance star who has worked with over 20 companies. In 2007, he created his own, called BAD BOYS of DANCE.

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