Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our "must have" items during a blizzard

Snow in Chicago
Photo by Oldtasty

With Chicago weathering a blizzard, or as the Twitterverse calls it, #SNOMG) I did a quick poll of the staff to see what they absolutely couldn't live without during this storm. Here's what they said:

  • Amanda, development: Facebok
  • Kevin, development: Homemade grain alcohol
  • Joe, marketing: Goldfish crackers
  • CJ, operations:
    1. Beer
    2. Deck of cards
    3. Beer
    4. Roaring Fire
  • Ben, administration: the Internet
  • Judie, marketing: Old movies. I'm looking forward to watching Roman Holiday!
  • Margaret, finance: Wine
  • Meaghan, marketing: Cheese, books, magazines – and maybe a snuggie. I don’t own one but that would maybe come in handy
  • Sondra, board member: Competitive Scrabble
  • Nicole, sales: Well, I couldn’t survive snowmageddon without my cats.:)
  • Noe, front of house: Electricity! – Without it, no TV, no internet, no cell phone charger, no electric snowblower….
 What do you need to survive?

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