Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free MP3 download from Susan Werner

One of our favorite Cabaret artists, Susan Werner, is offering a free MP3 download of her unreleased song "BAD BAD BAD."

Here is a note from Susan on her latest release: "Eco-Guilt. We've all heard plenty about Catholic guilt and Jewish guilt. How 'bout some fresh, new and timely guilt? The free mp3 download this month is a song I wrote for all of us unevolved, backwards, MeatEating CarDriving EvianDrinking KnuckleDragging MouthBreathing People out there. Send to all of your friends with their Sigg water bottles - your car-free friends who bicycle everywhere - who lord their eco-conscious lifestyle over you - and then they ask if you could drive them to Home Depot. Puh-lease."

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