Thursday, June 4, 2009

Top 6 Reasons to See NDT this month!

1. It's your opportunity to boo the dastardly villains who are stealing Hubbard Street's Artistic Director Jim Vincent away from Chicago.

2. Just because they're from the Netherlands, doesn't mean they dance in wooden shoes. (This could be a plus or a minus, depending on your interest in percussion.)

3. You'll witness some of the most intricate and daring choreography in the world. After all, when a country's native tongue produces words like "Het Muziektheater" and the "Stadsschouwburg," you know they're not afraid to take risks.

4. Because any company that seamlessly melds artistic European dance with scantily clad men and women in skin-tight outfits HAS to be good.

5. You'll kick yourself after listening to the incessant bragging of your friends who did see them - while you have to wait another 38 years for them to come back to Chicago.

6. It's like the Bolshoi on mescaline!
In all seriousness - this is a rare Chicago appearance by one of the world's great dance companies, and we are honored to host them June 16 and 17. We hope you will come to see their amazing work!

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