Friday, May 15, 2009

Auditorium Staff Reviews of Eifman Ballet's "Onegin"

Here's what some of our staff members have to say about last night's performance by the Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg:

Kathy Bliss, Executive Assistant: The genius of Eifman evokes the full emotion of the classic story ballet through a uniquely contemporary vision. Superb theatricality; drama -dance or dance-drama. Bold visuals and strong character development. A minimum set creates a maximum setting and the lighting is indeed a "character" in its sheer perfection. The corps is a voice that resonates throughout.

Nicole Losurdo, Director of Education: It was absolutely unbelievable – sign me up for the Eifman fan club. Every theatre person needs to see this kind of work – it speaks volumes on levels, spatial relationship, balance and counter balance, and human emotion. I was very inspired and the music was also really exciting. It is very emotional work and the dancers are expressive in ways I have never seen dancers communicate. It was visual eye candy and the lighting is absolute genius. It can tend to feel a little self serving and self involved, but strangely – it works.
Amanda Martinez, Development Associate: Eifman’s Onegin is a highly entertaining performance filled with exciting visuals, heart pumping music and the perfect blend of modern and classic ballet… I highly recommend it!

Tickets are still available for tonight at 7:30pm, tomorrow at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm.

Phone: 800.982.2787 (ARTS)

In person: box office at 50 E. Congress Parkway

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