Friday, December 19, 2008

Meet ATRU Staff Member Nicole Losurdo, Education Manager

ATRU: How long have you worked at the Auditorium?
NL: A little over a year.

ATRU: What is your job at the Auditorium?
NL: As the Education Manager at the Auditorium I work to develop and maintain Creative Engagement activities and relationships with our community. One of the most rewarding and meaningful aspects of my position is to be the Camp Director for our special summer day camp, Hands Together, Heart to Art. HTHTA is designed for children ages 7-14 who have experienced the death of one or both parents. Using the performing arts to encourage communication, self-esteem and team building, campers are able to interact with other children who have experienced a similar loss. Our campers also meet with professional healing counselors where they are given a safe time and place to express and share their feelings with their peers.

During the school year, I mainly work with CPS grade schools and high schools doing outreach activites including our current touring production of A Midnight Cry: The Undergroup Railraod to Freedom in conjunction with the Auditorium's November production of Margaret Garner. In addition to heading up our National Landmark Theatre Tours, I also coordinate our Fireside Chat series, create lesson plans, and facilitate ourreach activites and residenceis in CPS schools with the talented artists that grace our stage.

ATRU: What is your favorite part about working at the Auditorium?
NL: Being able to work for an organization that had such an influence on my theatrical experiences as a child is overwhelming. I have such distinct memories of coming to the Auditorium with my family, sitting all the way up in the gallery, and I remember the feeling of awe the theatre cast over me (and continues to today). I still get the chills while gazing up at Adler's beautiful arches as the house lights fade before each performance.

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