Friday, February 29, 2008

More Georgian Ballet coverage

In case you missed it, the Tribune and Sun-Times have articles about the State Ballet of Georgia in today's issues.

Here's the opening of the Trib article:

"Those lucky, pampered ballerinas -- bouquets at their bows, adoring fans, even heat in the studio in the dead of winter.Well, maybe not always that last. If proof were needed that everything is not so beautiful at the ballet, it's in the story of Nina Ananiashvili and her struggle to restore the endangered State Ballet of Georgia in her native homeland."

And, from the Sun-Times, Nina on Georgian dancers:

"We are people of the south. We have a different look, a different temperament. We speak loudly and use our hands, and people think we are very emotional in the way we express ourselves. That is probably why the 'Don Quixote' ballet [the story of two young lovers, Kitri and Basil, who are supported in their fight to marry for love rather than money by the Don and his pal, Sancho Panza] fits us so well."

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