Thursday, August 15, 2013

Singing and Dancing to The Aud, by Marketing Intern Lisa Klier

By Lisa Klier, Marketing Intern

Growing up, my neighbors knew me as the girl they could hear singing a mile away. I would sing all day, every day with no reservations. Singing was my passion, even at the expense of my family. (I once sang Jingle Bells for an entire car ride up to Wisconsin in the middle of July with a full car and no air conditioning!)

Since then, singing, music, and performing arts has in some way been integrated in my life. I sang in church choir when I was young and performed in children’s theatre. In fifth grade, I picked up the flute. I immediately fell in love with that and played throughout high school. I also took choir, music electives, and extracurricular music ensembles such as jazz a cappella and colorguard.

Colorguard was a turning point for me in high school. As a part of the marching band, I joined a group of 40 other girls and learned the art of colorguard. Through collaborative dance, flag and rifle spins I found a new outlet to express myself.

The first time I saw our instructor dance, it moved me in such a way that I can still remember it vividly today. I wanted to move like that, to learn how to feel the music and bring it to life using my body. This is where I first heard the name Martha Graham and learned what an arabesque was.

It was all of this that initially made me decide to pursue music education at Illinois State University. Last minute though, I opted for DePaul University so I could be in the city. I went in as undeclared and eventually found my way into the wonderful world of communications. After my first public relations course, I instantly knew that this was what I wanted to do. I knew it was something that I could combine with my passion for the performing arts.

Long story short, these are the influences in my life and what shaped me to be the person that I am today and choose this career path. I graduated DePaul in June of 2012 and since then have been networking and working part-time at a local State Farm office as a marketing assistant.

My internship at the Auditorium Theatre is my first in the theatre industry. Here I've seen firsthand how important interdepartmental relations are. I attended the first ever Summer Solstice gala, the group sales party, and the Cloud Gate press conference. These events allowed me to get to know theatre patrons, performers, and staff even better. I’ve worked on several projects including creating multiple surveys to gain viewer feedback after performances. My final project includes a video project from the Hands Together Hearts to Art camp. The video will show highlights from camp and give an inside view on what the campers spent their time working on.

My time here at the Auditorium comes to an end in August. Time has flown by and I am thankful for my time spent here, the amazing staff members who have taught and guided me along the way, and for the knowledge that I've gained that will help me take my next step. As for now, I know I'm on the right track and am looking forward to the next chapter in my life.

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